Presented by:

Mike Maddaloni

Author of “Transitions- A guide on moving from law enforcement
or the military into a second career”, 
the popular book sold
throughout North America and Europe.


For those who are considering a second career in the private sector.

How do I:
Plan for a second career
Develop a resume?
Conduct a job search?
Negotiate a salary?
Succeed in the private sector?
Transition into a different culture?

Each year, thousands of law enforcement officers and support personnel from local, county, state and federal agencies transition into second careers. Most of these individuals have not been in the job market for many years and have never worked outside of law enforcement. The challenges they face are numerous.

  • Learn to establish personal and financial goals.
  • Review corporate operations and the factors that drive business strategies.
  • Enhance your ability to prepare effective resumes and cover letters.
  • Learn to conduct an effective job search.
  • Examine successful interview techniques.
  • Learn about private sector compensation issues
  • Examine salary negotiation strategies.
  • Develop the ability to transfer skills.
  • Increase your understanding of corporate cultures, how they measure success and reward performance.

In response to these issues, Mike Maddaloni, a former Secret Service agent and private sector security executive, developed a concise, one day training seminar to assist law enforcement and military personnel successfully transition into second careers. Since 1998, this seminar has provided a wealth of valuable information to a wide variety of clients including federal, state and local law enforcement, police organizations, private security groups and military personnel.  We at SJN are proud to now be able to offer this seminar to our clients.



Learn to combine personal and financial goals into an overall plan for a second career or a career change. Take an in-depth look at financial planning, assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, the pros and cons or working in the private sector and self employment opportunities


A review of typical business operations such as organizational structure, factors driving a business, and the interaction which takes place between business units. Emphasis is placed on the distinction between staff and line functions, profit centers, and divisional and corporate operations. Understand how the security function typically operates in the private sector


Comprehensive insight into conducting a successful job search. Receive resume preparation guidelines, and how to conduct an effective job search through networking and locating unpublished jobs. Take an in-depth look at how to prepare for and handle job interviews. Understand issues such as benchmarking, bonus structures, stock options and private sector benefit packages


Learn how to transfer your skills so that they represent value to your new employer. Learn how the private sector measures success and how to avoid pitfalls which often lead to failure. Emphasis is placed on how to establish short and long term goals which are measurable, attainable, and add value for the employer. Receive advice on how to blend into a new and different culture successfully.


The cost for this seminar is $249.00, which includes handouts, refreshments and a copy of the book - Transitions -A guide on moving from law enforcement or the military into a second career. 

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Michael V. Maddaloni
843-689-3801 (Tele)



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