Job Title: Cargo Loss Control & Security Manager

Job Summary:

Responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring cost-effective cargo loss control and warehouse security programs and procedures that will reduce all types of cargo/warehouse related transportation/freight claims and losses as it applies to COMPANY’S divisions, subsidiaries and affiliated companies. Major responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Cargo & Warehouse Loss Control
    1. Proactive - Cargo Loss Control/Prevention
    2. Proactive - Cargo & Warehouse Security Programs
    3. Proactive - Carrier Loss Prevention/Security Improvement
  2. Cargo Loss Control & Security Consultation/Coordination
    1. In-House Business Resource
    2. Cargo Loss Control & Security Policy and Procedure


Minimum Qualifications Required:

Additional Comments:

Job Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the development of cargo and warehouse loss control and security procedures to protect inbound and outbound shipments representing annual sales of over $7,000,000,000 applicable to COMPANY’S divisions, subsidiaries and affiliated companies.
  2. Responsible for the development and implementation of cargo and warehouse loss control and security procedures that will have a positive impact on reducing the severity and frequency of cargo claims from the current annual level of $3,500,000.
  3. Review, analyze, recommend, implement and monitor the following:
  1. Provide training and support as an "in-house" consultant on cargo loss control & warehouse security to MLC management.
  2. Visit all major locations and work with local staff to identify trends/problems and implement solutions.
  3. Utilize interpersonal and leadership skills to manage loss control/security change in the diverse areas of transportation, warehouse and carrier management.
  4. Develop and distribute various Cargo Loss Control - Management Information Reports to all COMPANY’S division, subsidiaries and affiliated companies to inform and educate as to their individual and group results regarding cargo loss control and security matters
  5. Visit major carrier/trucker claim and security/loss control departments to identify problems and implement loss control solutions.
  6. Develop and distribute a Cargo Loss Control & Security Procedure Manual and audit COMPANY’S division, subsidiary and affiliated companies' for compliance.
  7. Develop a measurement/monitoring system to track results/impact of new loss control methods and procedures.
  8. Maintain a strong relationship and open communication with each participating companies Accounting and Credit Department’s to make sure that they are aware of the cargo loss control policy and procedures.
  9. Establish and maintain open communication with COMPANY’S divisions, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, MLC, insurers, carriers, consultants, claim representatives, CCS and insurance brokers.