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Security Jobs Network™ is your partner in finding US-based professional level security jobs. We save you time on your job search by providing detailed information on qualified opportunities. Get your all-access pass to SJN’s proprietary content today and find a security job that is a perfect fit for you!

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“I have known the owners of SJN for years. It is great to pick up the phone and talk to them if I have questions about any of the jobs listed on the site. They know the security industry inside and out and are always a trusted source of information for me.”

Don G.

“I do not have to scroll through thousands of unrelated jobs when I am on the SJN site. SJN understands what its membership wants. Security professionals at all levels will be interested in the jobs on the site. I highly recommend SJN to anyone who is serious about looking for a security job.”

Tom F.

“I am an adjunct professor in security studies. I want my students to understand the kinds of careers they can consider after graduation. I often suggest they join SJN and leverage it as a teaching tool. It is a terrific way for them to get a real-time view of the security job market. Several of my students have even found security internships through the SJN site.”

Robert D.

“I’ve been an SJN member since they first began publishing. I view them as a trusted source of intel on the security job market. I have no plans to change jobs, but I renew every year to stay current on opportunities.”

Tim P.

“My membership in SJN helped me transition into corporate security when I retired from law enforcement. SJN’s jobs are geared towards people like me who want to move into the private sector. I applied for a lot of opportunities I saw on SJN and have them to thank for the management role I’m currently in.”

Mike T.

“SJN has been a solid source of the most varied and complete job postings throughout my security management career. I applied for a highly competitive corporate security position listed by SJN several years ago, and as a result of the detailed description provided in the SJN posting, was able to tailor my resume and cover letter to gain the interest, and ultimately an offer from the posting company for the position. Thanks to SJN, the content described in your ad information was spot on in maximizing my fit for the job.”

David K.

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