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On Trend: Create a new vision for your security career

Welcome to the first installment of “On Trend” in 2024! We’re starting off the new year with some suggestions for building your best security career.

Perpetually “on trend” at the start of a new year are hopes, aspirations and a vision for the coming twelve months. Likely at the top of many people’s lists are diet, exercise and – of course – becoming the person your dog thinks you are. This year, why not consider creating a vision for your security career as one of your primary resolutions?

Identify your goals.

It’s difficult to achieve your career goals if you are not clear about what they are. Make 2024 the year you develop a clear picture of what you want to achieve in your professional life. Set milestones in place and let go of things that no longer serve your future self.

A vision needs a nurturing environment to come to fruition.

It’s difficult to thrive in an environment of care when you are caught up in the chaos of a busy life, as most of us are. Creating a quiet space where ideas can flourish must be intentional. It doesn’t need to be a physical space. Rather, just time you commit for yourself to consider “what’s next.”

For example, every year, we “SJNetworkers” give ourselves the gift of a silent retreat at some point in the year. It’s intense and not for everyone. But it is an amazing opportunity to quiet minds and let creative ideas take root.

Not a fan of retreats or silence? No problem. Instead, focus on things you can incorporate into 2024 that will feed your body, mind, spirit, and career without that “no talking” rule. There is a reason why meditation apps, bedtime stories and noise cancelling headphones are popular. They create an environment where you can suspend racing thoughts and be lost in a moment.

It is in those moments when we see our visions for ourselves more clearly.

Survey the next twelve months. Find space on your calendar and ink in those opportunities to press pause. A week devoted to your favorite pastime would be great. But if a beach holiday is not in the cards this year, carve out smaller parcels of real estate on your schedule and earmark them for time to consider the “what ifs” for yourself.

The start of every new year offers the promise of new beginnings. Make 2024 the year you gift yourself the time to chart a course for the security career you really want.

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