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On Trend: Holistic Amenities

Welcome to the next installment of “On Trend”! This week we’re looking at how companies are rebranding their benefits and perks to appeal to security job seekers.

Firmly on trend this year are creative ways for companies to attract new employees and retain valuable assets.

Strategies include base salaries routinely augmented by sign-on incentives and bonus plans. And overall benefits are being packaged to appeal to a more diverse audience, one that wants more flexibility in choosing options that positively affect their lives. Programs vary widely across locations and industries, and large companies often have an edge over their small competitors.

But do they?

Working for a large company? You probably have a full slate of historically available benefits: health insurance, 401(k) contributions, life insurance, etc. Candidates considering your job offer will expect those. But what other unique perks does your company offer that will help you stand out to candidates considering multiple job offers just like yours?

Working for a small company? There is a lot of room right now for smaller organizations to scoop up great candidates, potential employees who might consider a larger employer otherwise. Remote work, investment shares and more creative packages are incentives that could sway your ideal candidate to select your company over your larger competitor. Even at a slightly lower base salary if the perks are unique and appealing.

What is the difference between a benefit and a perk?

If you are trying to benchmark these other forms of compensation against your competitors, good luck! Every organization markets differently and you’ll find a lot of cross-over in terminology. A benefit in one company is a perk in another.

Benefits can be viewed as your non-compensation core package for employees in keeping with any employment and compliance laws applicable to your firm. Perks may be selectable by the individual. A slate of perks that appeal to a wide demographic is ideal.

Our favorite on trend term for perks comes from a recent SJN poster’s position: “Holistic Amenities.” It clearly says that the company is invested in the well-being of its human capital and considers its employees one of its strongest assets.

What perks appeal to security job seekers?

The list could be endless! However, solidly on trend are perks focused on health and wellness, family, education, and recognition.

Flexible time off for on-site workers is highly valued by job seekers, as are remote work or hybrid work options. Health perks could include gym memberships and support for wellness classes and mental health services. Employees with children? Consider childcare support, extended parental leave or flexible leave around holidays.

Investment in the education of employees builds a stronger team for your organization. Tuition reimbursement for both higher learning and skill-based training is great, as is flexible time to attend career development programs.

Thought about a mentorship program? Start one if you don’t have one in place already! An overwhelming percentage of early-career security professionals report that mentorship was instrumental in advancing their careers.

And don’t underestimate the value of a strong employee recognition program. They increase employee engagement and retention.

What is the best way to market your benefits and perks to a potential employee?

Firmly on trend is language that clearly outlines benefits and perks placed at the beginning of your job description. The preferred format for job advertisements in 2024 is compensation details right up front. The information should be easily consumable by job seekers and set your company – and your position – apart from others.

Remember: your potential new employees want to know your company values their contribution to your organization. They equally want to be recognized as unique individuals for whom old-style cookie cutter benefits may not work. Offering a slate of holistic amenities will increase the likelihood you will attract your ideal candidate and retain their commitment over time.

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